About Me

Greetings all, and welcome.

My name is Preston Grant, and I grew up near San Francisco and lived in Utah, Tokyo, and Washington, DC before returning to my native California. I was also born into some of the Mormon church’s oldest families, with polygamous ancestors and a prophet’s last name. My youth was spent as a faithful member, including two years service as a missionary overseas.

As a young teen, my sexuality was exposed to church authorities who then started a program of emotional and physical torture in their attempts to cure me of my sexuality. Unable to fix what was not broken, I eventually stood up for my truth and came out as gay, just as God made me. I was then excommunicated by the Mormon church.

I now live in a little house on a quiet hillside of San Francisco with views of the shimmering downtown in the distance. I sit and write at my desk in an office lined with shelves filled with books, art supplies, old journals, photos, and the quirky and soulful art I have collected from my travels all over the world. I am blessed to be living a gay life in all meanings of the word, a life filled with fresh air, beloved friends, and colorful adventures beyond counting.

My big project over these last several years has been writing a book explaining gay people for a mainstream audience. For more information about the book Gay, Explained, click here.

To contact me directly, click here.

To follow my author page on Facebook click here, and I am prestongrant on Twitter or click here. Both are quiet right now, but will pick up after I publish the book!

Other things of possible interest: My travel and life photos are here on Flickr, although they are rarely up to date. Yeah, yeah, I’ll get right on that. And I curate a blog of idiosyncratic images I find beautiful or inspiring here on Tumblr, which automatically updates with new images daily and includes adult-themed art.

My life has turned out to be a journey far different from what I imagined as a young Mormon kid in Utah. I have found joys and exuberant experiences beyond my wildest imaginings, and chronic pain I did not know I could survive. Through it all I am left with a love of sharing what I have learned along the way, and helping others find their way through the dark forest and back into the light.

Cheers to all.

– Preston

The author in repose. (Jesteration, by Bob Fischer)