American Indian Head nickel, reverse

The American Bison, commonly called the Buffalo, is North America’s largest land mammal, the majestic symbol of the Great Plains, and very, very gay. American Bison males mount other males more often than they mount females, especially when young. Even when females are available, many male Bison choose other males as sexual companions. In the end, females only mate with bulls once a year, but males may mount other males several times a day during rutting season. More than a quarter of the males do not have sex with a female during rutting season, and 15 percent of females a year do not breed.

The Lakota people called these animals pte winke, or like a woman, a term they used for men who where the same way, thus tying the animal behavior to similar human behavior. Same-sex behavior is seen in European Bison, and when in heat, 15-20 percent of Water Buffalo females are mounting other females.

It appears that American Bison are not an good example for those who say homosexuality means the end of a species. I think it was human hunters who nearly achieved that feat.