A fresco from Pompeii depicts Priapus, one of the fertility gods, weighing his penis against a bag of gold.

Penis size is the source of many jokes in our culture, but it is also an indicator of prenatal hormone levels.

Much of the available evidence we have about gay male bodies demonstrates that gay men may have less exposure to testosterone in the womb than straight men, but one contrary piece of evidence comes from measuring penis size. More testosterone means a larger penis, and gay men’s penises are larger than straight men’s.

The Kinsey Institute collected data on the penises of over 5,000 men, including over 900 gay men, between 1938 and 1963. Using five different measures of length and circumference, the results showed that gay men had larger penises than straight men on all five measures.

OK, I know you want to know, so here it is: Straight men averaged 5.99 inches long, while Gay men averaged 6.32 inches. And while straight male chubbiness measured 4.80 inches, gay men’s circumference averaged 4.95 inches. So gay men are over 5% longer and 4% thicker than straight men. So much for gay men being “less man” than others. I guess homophobes will now have to mock the sissies for their longer, fatter cocks.


  • Gay Men: Longer, thicker penises indicate increased prenatal exposure to male hormones.
  • Lesbians: Not applicable


  • Anthony Bogaert, PhD, The Relation Between Sexual Orientation and Penile Size, Archives of Sexual Behavior, June, 1999

This article is part of a series, Written on the Body, exploring the correlations between our body structures and sexual attraction.