We all have to check our prejudices on a regular basis, and Louis CK is a master.

Andrew Sullivan quotes a story from Louis CK’s show where “a fellow comedian complains that white people don’t stand a chance in the age of Obama, and Louis asks, “What is 10,000 years of unchecked prosperity? That’s not enough for you?”

Gay people in particular have to be careful. We are asking for respect for our deepest feelings, so our prejudice against more superficial factors does our cause no good. There are few things as repugnant as a gay racist. <facepalm>

As someone profoundly aware of the universal pass offered by being tall, white, and male I am horrified by my countrymen who think we deserve this privilege. Great to hear it put out there so clearly by someone a lot funnier than me.

Of course the answer is not for white people to be embarrassed by our privilege. The answer is to make sure everyone else gets the same respect!