Christians and the Blood of Jamey Rodemeyer

John Shore is a beautiful man. Too rare among Christians, he is a straight believer who wrestles with the issues of Christianity and homosexuality. I sang his praises here.

In this column, he reviews the death of Jamey Rodemeyer I discussed here. Speaking as a devout Christian, Shore notes:

If you’re a Christian who believes that being gay is a morally reprehensible offense against God, then you share a mindset, worldview, and moral structure with the kids who hounded Jamey Rodemeyer, literally, to death. It is your ethos, your convictions, and your theology that informed, supported, and encouraged their cruelty.

Jamey Rodemeyer, via John Shore

It is a precious pearl indeed to hear a Christian invoke Christian values to include God’s gay children and Shore’s righteous anger shines through the dark:

Jesus Christ died for your sins. That was unthinkably beautiful. Now Jamey Rodemeyer has died from your sins. That is not. That is the very hell that, awfully enough, you’ve somehow tricked yourself into believing your life refutes.

He who has ears, let him hear.