After the success of the movie March of the Penguins, which so emphasized the heterosexual triumphs of Antarctic penguins, it is hard to believe a couple of male penguins could became so famous. Along with the indomitable marchers, a pair of gay penguins of the Central Park Zoo are also part of history. The story of their little family is immortalized in the charming children’s book, And Tango Makes Three. It is a lovely little story of two gay dad’s, Roy and Silo, and the successful raising of their adopted egg, Tango.

Sadly, lifelong relationships are rare in nature, too. As the New York Times announced:

The two male chinstrap penguins had found each other in the big city. They had remained faithful. They had even raised a child. But then, not too long ago, they lost their home. Silo’s eye began to wander, and last spring he forsook his partner of six years at the Central Park Zoo and took up with a female from California named Scrappy. Of late, Roy has been seen alone, in a corner, staring at a wall.

Poor Roy. Let’s all hope he finds new love some time soon.